Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sweet Baby

While I post mostly cards, I do scrapbook. I've been doing more cards I think just because it's faster and I get instant gratification!

However, Loreen at Wish on a Scrap has changed things for me. She has these AMAZING scrapbook kits that make putting a layout together so easy. Here is one of mine:

Everything but the "little giggle" stamp (Studio G) and the journaling stamp was used for this kit. And the title, Sweet baby? THICKERS! These things are awesome. Maybe you'll see more layouts from me soon!

Thanks for checkin' in!



Kim said...

Hi Dana~ Yes Loreen does carry the nugget tins! :)

Lovely layout! It's adorable!
Hugs~ Kim

mudmaven said...

How cute! Looking forward to seeing some more. ~chris

JenMarie said...

Oh so sweet!!

Loreen said...

I ADORE this layout. I put it up on the store blog =) Great job!

Kim said...

Dana....your Layout made the Wish On A Scrap Blog! CONGRATS!!!!!
Hugs~ Kim